Shetland Island Council

Trenching work and network design in the Shetland Islands comes with a unique set of challenges, from extreme rural locations surrounded by ocean, to protected species and the need for low environmental impact.

We got the job done anyway.

Ultra Rural Broadband

Despite being not far to the Arctic Circle, the Shetlands Islands has a thriving modern community that although rural, still required a fibre optic network - not easy with so much ocean in the way!

By utilising slot-cutting and mole-ploughing techniques Doocey North East Ltd installed over 40km of sub-duct and fibre cable (including splicing & testing) on Shetland in just 12 weeks.

Trenchless Tech

We achieve this speed and low environmental impact by utilising more trenchless technology over traditional excavation techniques.

The speed and quality of this installation was instrumental in our company being awarded a further 40km on the next phase of this extremely high-profile project.