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Jodrel Bank's huge radio telescope is an icon of British ingenuity and for the North West Of England. Project eMerlin would see it connected to a number of other radio telescopes to enhance the network's abilities.

jodrel bank map

The Problem

Over 80km of fibre optic network needed to be designed and constructed across urban and rural Cheshire, with minimal disruption to the local populous and the environment.

Despite the mammoth task, it was also important do complete the job under tight budget restraints.


Everything had to go right...

The Solution

Trenchless Tech

Doocey North East Ltd was instrumental in enabling this very high profile project to come within budgetary restraints.

Without the massive cost reduction offered by our trenchless technology services the eMerlin Project would not have gone ahead.

Our company installed over 80km of optical fibre in months by utilising our mole-ploughs and directional drills thus enabling us to offer a substantial cost reduction in comparison to an open-cut solution.

By completing the installation of optical fibre cable and jointing Doocey North East Ltd completed a full turn-key operation.



Minimal Disruption