Expert Jointing Chamber Construction

It will come as no surprise to anybody that the experienced excavation staff at Doocey North East have lifted more than their fair share of manhole covers.

Often a crucial part of our excavation services and cable-laying efforts, our team can help your project safely and efficiently design your networks of cables and ducts to feature jointing cambers.

Whether using traditional reinforced concrete jointing chambers, or the more modern pre-cast plastic chambers, our staff are fully accredited to the task at hand.

Factor jointing chamber construction into your project

Jointing chambers may be essential to some excavation jobs, so get in touch to find out more from a team that knows their trade.

What is a jointing chamber?

An often integral part of the rural broadband roll-out across the UK, jointing chambers are usually small underground chambers created to provide easy access to cables, especially where splicing has occurred and therefore may need extra attention.

Jointing chambers can be made of reinforced concrete, brick or even pre-formed plastic depending on the nature of the cabling and terrain involved.

For those not in the cabling and trenching trade, jointing chambers are more easily identified via the manhole covers that allow access to them.

Doocey NE & Jointing Chambers

Miles of Cabling

Doocey North East's experienced staff are no strangers to jointing chamber construction, having laid hundreds of miles of cabling across the UK.

Accredited Staff

Our dedication to a job well-done means the staff we send out are fully qualified for the task at hand for both safety and efficiency.


We believe our trenching and excavation services are unparalleled, allowing us to implement jointing chambers into anywhere that it's physically possible to do so.

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