Duct Laying Services

The team at Doocey North East Ltd has extensive knowledge and experience in the installation of telecoms/fibre duct networks for national infrastructure providers.

A workforce of qualified managers, supervisors and operatives enables our company to provide a range of solutions to customer’s requirements and always supplying high quality ducting networks, efficiently and cost effectively.

We're a go-to company for duct-laying services, regardless of the scale of work.

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What is Duct Laying?

Duct laying is a pretty broad topic, but for Doocey North East Ltd, most duct-laying jobs means helping national infrastructure providers roll out super-fast broadband fibre optics.

Plastic ducts are one of the most cost-effective ways to protect optical fibre cables once in the ground, and we've successfully laid miles of them, quickly, efficiently and in some of the most challenging terrains imaginable here in the UK.

What are Sub Ducts?

Smaller ducts that come off the main duct network - another speciality for the Doocey team. In many cases, the quickest and most cost effective way is to use minimum excavation technologies such as mole ploughing or micro trenching, making a smaller impact on the environment.

Mole Plough Capabilities

Minimum Excavation

Duct laying doesn't always have to mean huge gaping trenches. Our range of smart minimal excavation technologies makes for efficient work.

Mole Ploughing

Our go-to method for duct laying where possible means low environmental impact, smaller local disruption and a more cost-effective outcome for our clients.

Micro Trenching

Often call slot-cutting, perfect for the urban environment where low disruption on the roads is essential for good PR and cost effective strategy.

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