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Because of the world’s increasing necessity for environmental awareness, Doocey North East Ltd recognise that it is becoming more crucial to preserve our natural resources and to expand or refine our utilities in a safe, effective and protected manner. By utilizing horizontal directional drilling techniques, product lines or utilities can be installed to depths greater than 100 feet, with virtually no excavation. Applications for a directionally installed crossing include rivers, roads, canals, congested utility areas, railways, and environmentally sensitive areas. State-of-the-art steering systems allow these crossings to be completed with amazing accuracies.

Our excavation teams and drilling teams work closely together in the urban environment producing solutions in difficult environments that satisfy customer, local authority and house holder’s needs.

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This great minimum excavation technology may be the key to unlocking your project.

What is Directional Drilling?

Directional Drilling is a minimal excavation technology used by Doocey North East in a range of contract jobs to allow the laying of ducts, pipes and cables where they are needed, without the need to dig large trenches.

Directional drilling has been around longer than you think, having become a huge part of the oil and gas industry from the 1920's onwards.

Of course, directional drilling technology has only got better and more compact, allowing Doocey North East to skilfully deploy its directional drilling capabilities all over the UK.

How does Directional Drilling work?

A specialised drill bit which is able to effectively burrow through the ground is pushed down into the ground by specialised equipment.

The direction of the drill bit is controlled by skilled operators who are able to tell the location and velocity of the drill at all times, allowing them to drill under canals, rivers and more with amazing accuracy.

Directional Drilling Capabilities

Depth without excavation

Directional drilling can mean reaching depths of around 100m with little-to-no surface excavation, meaning minimal disruption.

Horrizontal Drilling

Down isn't the only way - directional drilling makes horizontal shafts possible with minimal or no surface evidence depending on the depth.

Nationwide Deployment

Doocey love a challenge, and will take our directional drilling equipment and skilled operators wherever is needed.

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