Directional drilling allows for horizontal ducts with minimal surface impact.

  • Minimal Excavation
  • Fast and Efficient
  • Urban friendly

We're committed to superb permanent reinstatement work that's above standard.

  • RAUC & HAUC spec
  • Depots all over Scotland
  • Recycling in Glasgow

Our experienced team are the best in the business for ducts and sub-ducts.

  • Telecoms
  • Fibre
  • Minimum Excavation

Lorry Loaders with staff to help you get the job done efficiently, safely and on-budget

  • Driver
  • Driver & Assistant (optional)
  • Fully qualified

Minimum Excavation Experts

With the importance of cable and duct-laying operations becoming more and more low-impact in terms of the environment as well as non-disruptive to human activity as possible, the growth of minimum excavation technologies has been paramount.

Advances in mole-ploughing, micro-trenching and directional drilling have all meant that jobs such as rural fibre optic network rollout have become quicker and more cost-effective than ever.

Minimum excavation technologies have meant that cables and ducts are quicker to deploy and require minimal backfilling and reinstatement - a win for everyone involved.

Doocey North East Ltd have been a the forefront of the use of minimal excavation technologies for the past 30 years, and due to an excellent rate of staff retention, we've retains a huge amount of the skills and experience we've gathered along the way.

Fibre Networks

Especially involved in the roll out of fibre networks to rural locations such as the Shetland Islands, Doocey's dedicated excavation teams are all qualified for the job in hand, and keep a superb health and safety record.