Underground Power Cable Installation Contractors

Doocey North East Ltd has been working with main contractors in the Power Industry to provide cable and multi duct arrangements installations.

Since 2012 we have enhanced our service to customers by working to our Lloyds Register NERS Partial Accreditation Policy, giving additional confidence that our customer’s contracts will be completed by a competent workforce.

Recycling excavated spoil using Doocey''s own plants and equipment provides first class backfill and cost efficiencies.

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What sort of power cable installation?

No, we're not talking about coming round to rewire the plug for microwave.

We're talking about the efficient, cost-effective and safe roll-out of underground power cables on an industrial scale.

Using a variety of primarily low-impact trenching and duct laying technologies, the team at Doocey North East Limited have laid hundreds of kilometres of power cable serving a huge variety of homes and businesses in both urban and remote rural settings.

Why choose Doocey North East to lay power cables?


Doocey North East are hardly the new kids on the block, with well over 30 years combined experience in their senior team, along with a fantastic skills retention rate.


Our dedication to the efficiency of the job is matched by our dedication to safety. This is electrical cables and big machinery we're dealing with, and we take that seriously.

Customer Focused

We've built our reputation on delivering what our clients' asked for, on time, on budget, and utilising our expertise and experience at every step to benefit our clients.

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