Fibre Optic Cable Laying

With experience in cabling hundreds of kilometres of fibre cable, Doocey North East Ltd can confidently undertabke cabling projects of any size all over the UK, including tough remote and rural locations.

We are specialists in blown fibre cable installation that enables a quick and cost-effective solution to our clients.

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Optical Fibre Splicing

Optical fibre splicing is the skilful joining together of two or more fibre optic cables - a regular but important task for teams involved in the creation of optical fibre networks.

All the more important in potentially challenging rural broadband networks, Doocey North East has both the experience, manpower and expertise to successfully plan and implement optical fibre splicing across the UK.

Our Fibre Splicing Capabilites

Fully Trained & Equiped

Our workforce is trained and led with experience, with an internal and external infrastructure capability, meaning we can offer direct termination or the splicing of pigtails.


Single Mode or Multimode Splicing capabilities, as well as external splicing of high core count fibre cables.
We also have OTDR, PMD and ILM testing capabilities.


We have extensive understanding of design parameters for the use of fibre classes including OS1, OM1, OM2 and OM3, as well as familiarity with mission critical environments such as data centres.

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