Doocey North East and Fibre Optic Network Design

As a result of the enormous growth of the mobile phone market and Internet usage, the demand for fibre optic network installations continues to grow, requiring better network design.

This is a trend that is expected to continue in the long term, as the demand for access to information highways increases. Such growth can only be realised by the application of sound specialist knowledge and skills possessed by experienced contractors.

By assisting our clients at the initial optical fibre network design stage we use our experience to advise on the most cost effective routes and installation methods.

The use of minimum excavation technology such as, directional drilling, mole-ploughing and micro trench / slot-cutting enable us to offer low cost network build solutions.

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Fibre Optics and Rural Broadband

One of the most challenging parts of the UK government's promise to roll out super-fast broadband nationwide is remote rural locations.

Difficult terrain and a lack of support network often means slow, disruptive and ultimately expensive traditional cable laying methods are not the optimal choice for rural broadband projects.

That's where Doocey North East's solutions come in - tried and tested in even the Shetland Isles!

Fibre Network Design Champions

Experienced Team

Our longevity as a company mixed with our superb staff retention rate means we've kept the knowledge and skills won from thousands of kilometres of cable trenching jobs nationwide

The Right Gear

From micro trenching to mole ploughing, our team have done it all, from working with fibre companies at initial planning stages, to getting the job done safely, efficiently and cost-effectively.

We go where the work is

We're a proud North East company with a global attitude and love for tough jobs that see our teams and machines put to the test, even in some of the toughest rural locations.

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