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Mole-ploughing is one of the primary, state-of-the-art cable laying solutions operated by Doocey North East Ltd that makes the rollout of projects like rural broadband easier, simpler and more cost-effective than ever.

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What is Mole Ploughing?

Mole ploughing is an often quick and cost-effective technique for installing small diameter pipes in primarily rural areas without causing large-scale environmental disruption.

Often described as near-trenchless, mole ploughing creates an incredibly narrow trench for the cables or pipes to be fed into by the plough, making the digging, laying and resurfacing as fast and as neat as possible in comparison to other cable-laying techniques.

The use of mole-ploughing in rural areas has been extensive with the continued extensive rollout of rural broadband initiatives and the expansion of the mobile phone network, due to the relatively low-impact of the mole trenching.

Doocey mole ploughing machine
Mole Plough operating on a rural lane
Up close version of a mole plough

Mole Plough Capabilities

Mole Ploughing is a minimum excavation technology, and therefore is often ideal for cable laying in areas where largescale excavation may be unacceptable to landowners or local authorities.

Longer Pipes

Because of the continuous way the mole plough trenches, it's easier to implement longer pipes, meaning fewer connections, which decreases long-term risk.

Thinner Trench

Rather than digging a traditional trench, mole plough trenches are extra thin, allowing the cables, ducts or pipes to slot in with minimal excavation and backfilling.

Below Ground Water

Where applicable, mole ploughing allows for fast digging below ground water level - far more economical and environmentally friendly.

Mole plough in the field
mole plough side profile 2
cable laying with a mole plough

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