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Doocey North East Ltd's extensive experience of micro trenching and fibre optic cable network design is available for hire all across the UK.

If you're new to Micro Trenching, but are looking for a cost-effective, efficient way to lay out a fibre optic cable network that has minimal impact and disruption on the surround area, take a moment to read more about Micro Trenching below, or get straight in touch with the expert team at Doocey NE to learn how micro trenching and other minimal excavation technology could assist your projects.

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What is Micro Trenching?

Micro Trenching is a low-impact alternative to more traditional methods of laying underground cable. Using specialised micro trenching equipment, extremely thin trenches are excavated to the required depth by skilled operators, allowing for quick insertion of the fibre optic cable and backfilling.

Used with great effect in both urban and rural environments, micro trenching is often considered to be the preferred method due to relative ease, efficiency and a cost-effective nature when carried out by the right team.

How does Micro Trenching work?

Sometimes known as 'Slot-Cut Trenching', which is a little more descriptive, micro trenching allows for the quick 'cutting' of a 10mm to 130mm trench, usually up to 600mm, although this varies from machine to machine.

This is done using a specialised diamond-edged circular saw, while the cable is laid quickly into the 'slot' afterwards, and more easily backfilled due to the reduction in displaced materials.

Micro Trenching Benefits

Trenching Speed

Depending on the terrain and in skilled hands, those projects deploying Micro Trenching can often enjoy trenches created 5 times faster than more traditional methods.

Efficient back filling

With less material displaced by the trenching, there is less to put back. Due to the more accurate and neat execution of micro trenching, back filling is often both faster and more cost effective, measurable in the thousands-of-pounds.

Simple & Quick Deployment

Because of Doocey's commitment to maintaining and upgrading it's hardware, Micro Trenching can be deployed more quickly and easily. The machinery is more compact that other options, making for a swift deployment.

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